Useful/Interesting Stuff

This page was made with the intent to share some articles and/or links that, in one way or another, shaped my academic career.

  • [GAME] Guess the Correlation - This game is very intuitive, you observe a scatterplot and try to guess the correct correlation of the variables. Warning: you may spend more time than you should on this game.
  • [GAME] The Evolution of Trust - This game shows how game theory can be though and provide an interesting - and more importantly, visual - aspect of agents relating in an economy. You can change agents' type and economy composition to check if the economy thrives.
  • [PAPER] How to Write Applied Papers in Economics - Bellemare (2020) - Bellemare presents what is most commonly seen in applied papers. He suggests not only the way to make tables and report statistics but also how to write convincingly. Further, I particularly liked it when he explains how to write a good estimation and identification strategy section.
  • [WEBSITE] Econometrics Academy - Any Katchova (2013) - This website shows a short theory, an example, and the example's code in different software (SAS, R, Stata, SPSS) of several econometric models. I strongly advise consulting this page to "see" what is happening, especially if you are doing more theoretical statistics or econometrics class.
  • [WEBSITE] Masayuki Kudamatsu's Webpage - In "Tips 4 Economists" mister Masayuki presents an extensive catalog of texts elaborated by renowned professors from all parts of the world. The texts provide important suggestions for all steps of economic researchers' careers. His website that inspired me to produce this page. Check his other pages, he also compiled an extensive material about the Stata programming language.